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His office is located in the Buckhead community, which is within the city of Atlanta and the county of Fulton. We have free parking in front of the two-story office building in which the firm has been located since 1992.

A Martindale-Hubbell “AV” Eminent rated attorney, he personally responds to initial telephone inquiries from prospective clients.  There is no charge for an initial telephone consultation at 404-262-6272. His law firm was established in 1974.

Bev Bates has been in private practice inh his firm since 1974.  He served as assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia,  primarily defending the United States and its agencies and officers in civil cases. He served a term as President of the Atlanta Chapter of the Federal Bar Association as well as other positions. He would directly handle your matter, not associates or paralegals.

Facing challenges and actively developing new strategies to assist Clients

He represents federal employees seeking relief from federal agency actions causing employee to file or defend —

  • EEO discrimination claim during the federal agency investigation, EEOC discovery, motions briefing, mediation, hearing or appeal.
  • Agency personnel action based on alleged misconduct giving notice of reprimand, suspension, demotion, or discharge before the deciding official, and if necessary appeal to the MSPB.
  • Agency adverse personnel action based on alleged unsatisfactory work performance before the deciding official and if appeal is necessary before the MSPB and any reviewing court.
  • EEO claim of Americans with Disabilities Act violation, including denial of reasonable accommodation, during the Agency investigation, the EEOC and any reviewing court.
  • EEO retaliation claim based upon Agency’s actions penalizing employee for having filed or participated as a witness in support of the claimant in a prior EEO claim.
  • Hostile working condition claim based upon series of acts tied into  retaliation or other illegal Title 7 or ADA motivation.
  • Whistle blower claim, whether before the Office of Special Counsel or the MSPB, and any reviewing court.

Dedicated to federal employment practice limited to federal employee representation

The firm represents individuals, not  unions or federal agencies. Bev Bates enjoys federal employee representation and the opportunity to stay current with federal employment statutes, amendments, and case decisions.

Wide experience in federal employment law

Represented, as an Army JAG Corps officer, soldiers on whose behalf he briefed and argued appeals before the highest military and civilian courts;

Represented, as assistant U. S. attorney for the Northern District of GA in U. S. District Court and U. S. Court of Appeals, federal officials named as defendants in federal cases;

Represened federal employees before Agency deciding officials, EEOC, MSPB, and NLRB and federal court during practice at the firm of Bates & Baum;

Decided EEO claims of state employees as a Special Master by appointment of Georgia governors;

Decided disciplinary charges brought against county employees as a former member and Vice Chair of the Fulton County Personnel Board.


No charge is made for the telephone discussion but a fee is charged for an office consultation which is a necessary step prior to being retained.

Upon an office consultation he reviews the case documents  with the potential Client and gauges the merits of the case based on what is presented. If both are satisfied with the review, he will explore with the potential Client whether a fee agreement suitable to both can be reached.