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Reported Cases

Bev Bates has represented Clients in over 100  state, federal, and military cases which have been published in the legal reporter systems.

News: Federal criminal defense attorney Stanley Baum obtained mistrials from 3 federal juries in 2 mortgage fraud cases resulting in dismissal of each case.

In recent years, Bev Bates –

Represented the widow of a Federal employee who was denied a survivor’s annuity by OPM and the OPM decision was overturned by the Merit Systems Protection Board.  Attorney fees were requested of the Board and settled by agreed upon payment of attorney fees;

Represented a Federal employee who was intimidated by a manager who made improper advances toward a subordinate. Upon the manager’s eventual admission in a deposition, settlement was obtained in a sizable amount after prehearing conference before the EEOC Administrative Judge and EEOC mediation prior to hearing;

Represented a Federal professional employee who was issued a notice of dismissal after a lengthy successful career but with several prior EEO complaints, and after several settlement conferences the Agency agreed to the employee’s full retirement at his position and rate of pay before being demoted and other relief including damages to health and attorney fees;

Represented a Federal professional employee who was denied reasonable accommodation for a disability and was retaliated against by the Agency for the EEO activity, which on the day of the EEOC hearing was settled by the Agency with the professional being transferred to another division of the Agency under a different supervisor and payment of damages and attorney fees;

Represented a federal supervisor who was given notice of a suspension by the manager for allegedly faulty performance, which was approved by the State Director, but grievance appeal was reversed by headquarters official.